Our Philosophy

We treat each patient as if he/she were one of our own family. Our office strives to deliver quality orthodontic care with excellent service and results.  We try to do this for a reasonable and affordable fee, in a punctual and efficient manner, and in a safe and comfortable environment.

Timing Is Important

We use techniques that have been tried and true

The timing of orthodontic therapy is an important factor in delivering proper orthodontic care. Often times there is a benefit to start orthodontic therapy early in the patient’s mixed dentition, called Phase I therapy. Other times, it is best to wait until the permanent dentition has fully erupted before starting any orthodontic care. Dr. Bauer will examine and evaluate the patient at the initial exam and discuss if treatment is indicated. He may recommend orthodontic therapy at that time, or he may elect to place the patient on recall for further orthodontic evaluation.

We see our patients at regular 4 to 6 week intervals to ensure that their treatment is progressing properly. We want to confirm that the patients are maintaining their orthodontic appliances as well as maintaining optimal oral hygiene. Accidental breakage of the orthodontic appliance may occur and we want to repair any problems as soon as possible.

Contrary to much of the current marketing in orthodontics, the final orthodontic outcome is not a direct result of the “bracket” that is being used. There is far more to it than that. The orthodontist’s diagnosis and treatment planning, the experience of the staff, plus the cooperation of the patient are what is most important. We are a traditional orthodontic office that uses techniques and appliances that have been tried and true and have proven to deliver excellent results time and again.

We Love to See You Smile

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